Thursday, July 31, 2008

Too Long!

Okay - it's been a while since I've updated. Clayton played in a ball tournament about 2 weeks ago. They came in 3rd. They should have been in the championships to bring home a 1st or 2nd place trophy, but they had a terrible first game, so they spent the entire first day trying to play catch-up instead of starting out on the top like they should have done. We still had fun though.
Scott's All Star team lost out in the last day of the District tournament. They were down by several runs at the beginning of the game, but they came back and were leading for a while. They ended up losing 11-12. It was a tough loss. So they are now done with All Stars and are beginning practice for travel ball. The boys celebrated the All Star season w/ a pizza party at a local fun park and they rode gocarts and played laser tag together. They had a great time.

Scott hasn't had a travel ball tournament yet, but practices have begun. He has a tournament tentatively scheduled for the first part of August and it will be local. Scott's coaches are really tightening things up this travel ball season, so it's cut throat. They have really been drilling them on running (not walking) on the field and also with their batting and fielding technique. Scott has really done awesome at all the practices and the coaches have recognized it. One of the coaches even called me to let me know how proud he is of Scott and how well he's doing. Way to go Scott.

I don't like to post exact locations and times of the boys' games and tournaments since this is a public blog accessible by anyone, but if you'd like to know where or when a game is, please feel free to leave a comment w/ your personal email or either email me and Billy @ and we'll let you know. Have a bless week and we'll be in touch.

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Ball Tournament

We're finally home from Clayton's ball tournament. We didn't win overall, but we did better than we thought we might do. We played some REALLY tough teams that have been established for a very long time. This is only our 2nd, so we weren't sure what to expect from the boys, but they really did well. On Saturday they played 4 games. That's a long day for little boys, but they played well. Sunday they played 2 games. The tournament guaranteed everyone 5 games, so Billy's goal for the boys was more than 5 games. More than 5 games would mean that the boys had earned the right to keep playing further into the tournament. They accomplished that goal by playing 6 games. They will have another tournament later in the month (local) and they are already talking about it! Here are the game scores . . . I'll list our score first (warning: some are huge losses and some are huge wins)

Overall it was a great weekend. Give us a call if you're going to be in town or if you'd like to come and watch them play. Scott plays travel ball as well. It's much more competitive than regular season ball and the games are much more exciting!! I promise you'll enjoy it.

Thursday, July 3, 2008


Scott's team played the championship game on Wednesday night. They won and now hold the title of the Sub-District champions. I was so proud of him. He's quite the outfielder. He scored a run and just played great overall. He has also been quite the spirit captain for the team. One of the other mom's even commented on how Scott had such a great attitude and was trying to get the others in the dugout to stand up and make noise. The District level competition begins next Tuesday night. I can't wait. Keep you posted.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Can't Will Em All!

Scott's team had a pretty significant loss this evening, 9-1. They were playing a team that they've already beaten, but for some reason our boys couldn't get the bats around. The team spirit was running low this evening. However, the silver lining is that all 3 teams left were even at 1 loss each. There was a drawing to see who would advance directly to the Championship game and Scott's coach drew the lucky ticket!!! Tomorrow night the other 2 teams will play at 6pm and we will play the winner of that game at 8pm. Papa Bill is back home from Louisianna tonight and he will be at the game tomorrow with Grammy. They haven't missed a game yet! Grammy was even whooping and hollering tonight trying to get the team spirit boosted. We'll get them tomorrow!