Friday, June 27, 2008

Can You Say Winners!?!?!?

Scott played his first All Stars game tonight and I was fortunate enough to catch the first half. He played some outfield, but didn't have a very strong bat. This is something we're going to pray about. They ended the game w/ a win 11-3. They will play again tomorrow night. Clayton's team finished 1st and won the title of National League Coaches Pitch All Stars Champions. It was a HUGE win 13-0. Two boys hit over the fence homeruns and Clayton caught 2 line drives and threw someone out at 1st for all 3 outs in the 3rd inning. It was beautiful. The other night Clayton's friend hit a Grand Slam! It's been an awesome All Stars time for Clayton and Scott's team seems to be off to a great start also. That's our boys!!!!!

Thanks Aunt Sue!

Almost forgot . . . the other day Aunt Sue made a scrapbook page for Clayton's book. Isn't it adorable?!? That's 1 of my favorite pictures of him. She's working on 1 for Scott's book too! She's so talented!

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Tough Loss

Well, it was inevitable and it finally happened. We got beat - or should I say we beat ourselves?!?! I'm not sure about the final score, but it was something like 6-1. Our guys gave up in the first few innings. It was quite discouraging and upsetting to see how hard they took it. However, it is great to see how passionate they are for the game. There were many tears shed, including a few from Clayton. When they struck out or had a bad inning there were tears all the way to the dugout. Our team spirit was a little off tonight. Some parents were pretty ticked off with the head coach and Billy didn't agree with some of his choices either, but we kept to ourselves. All 3 teams left had 1 loss, so they drew names to see who would playoff and who would go directly to the championship game. We drew the lucky number. The other 2 teams will play Friday at 6pm and we will play the winner in the championship game on Friday.

There's a catch for me though . . . Scott's first All Star game is also on Friday night at 6pm. I had a heart to heart w/ him and he said that he didn't think I should miss Clayton's game. I'm going to stay for about 45 minutes of Scott's game at 6 and then head over to Clayton's game at 7:30. I think that's fair. Mama and Bill showed up tonight for the game and they said they would go to Scott's game to support him. I'm SO greatful for that. I can't even put it into words.

Quickly I'd like to give a special thanks to Papa Bill. He is a bridge engineer and has been working on a HUGE project in Dubai. He woke up this morning there in Dubai and traveled 13 hours home by plane back to our side of the world. He got a quick bite to eat and then came to Clayton's game and will be at Scott's game tomorrow night. That means so much to us. Thanks Bill and Mama. You guys are the best!!!

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Wednesday Night

Okay, it's another late night. We grabbed a quick bite to eat after the game and just got home. It's already 10:55. We played a really competitive team tonight and won 9-3. The coach from the other team was a sore loser. He was ticked that we took off in the first inning leading by 6 runs. It was a great game. Clayton played another great game on 2nd Base and Center Field. Grammy came to watch the game again. She's gotten sucked into the competition! The atmosphere is wonderful and nail biting! It's addictive. Scott's games begin in 2 days. Til tomorrow night . . .

Quick Post - Late Night

It's gonna be a quick post tonight guys! It's already after Midnight and I'm pooped. Clayton had a game tonight and they played a team that offered the most competition so far. However, Clayton's team pulled off a big win 11-4. Clayton played 2nd Base and played it very well. His hitting was just OK. Daddy and Erlinda ended up coming out for tonight's game. It was a very pleasant surprise! Scott had practice, getting ready for his All Stars to start on Friday night. He has had practice from 6pm until after 9pm everynight for the past week or so. I sure hope this coach isn't burning them out before the games start. Nonetheless, the game was a late game and we're getting to bed late. Scott is off tomorrow night and Clayton's team will have another HUGE game tomorrow night. 'Til tomorrow . . .

Monday, June 23, 2008

Let The Games Begin!!!

Clayton's team (National Coaches Pitch) began their games in the District level tournament. They won the Sub-District level and were the only team that was undefeated. Tonight's game started at 6pm and they played a team called Meadow Lake, not sure where they are from. National won the game 12-6. To be honest, they played a lousy first 2 innings and then they started to Rock-N-Roll. Clayton hit a few singles and then a double. Me and Grammy screamed extremely loud, but we blended right in with all the other crazy people in the stands. Clayton started the night off playing on the Pitcher's Mound, then Second Base and an inning in Center Field. He made some really good plays! This picture is of him stopping a ball at the Pitcher's Mound and throwing it Home for an out.
Scott's team (National Minor League) played in the Minor League Invitational this past weekend and they came in second place overall. That was quite an accomplishment. They actually lost out in the very last game to the Independent Minor League team. It was a nail biter. Scott played Outfield and an awesome Second Base. This league is extremely competetive and we're always proud of Scott. He got a great hit that he crushed all the way to the fence, but unfortunately someone was there waiting to catch it. That's the way it goes in this league. This picture of Scott is on Second Base "making some noise" trying to distract the batter. Scott's All Star games start this coming Friday and we can't wait!!! Til tomorrow!!! The Wilsons are going to bed now.

Here Goes!!!

This is my first post!! Gotta admit that I'm a little excited about sharing our lives and our baseball with friends and family (& strangers if they want). First things first, thanks to Aunt Sue! I showed an interest in her site and asked a few questions and 24 hours later here I am. Check out her site So Many Scraps. It's in my favorites. Her scrapbooking skills are out of this world and you'll see some of her handywork on this site in the future. She's not done helping me yet.

Billy and I have a purpose for this site. Our lives revolve around our boys and their love for baseball. They both play Dixie Youth baseball and are also playing on invitation only travel teams. We play ball all year long and we love it. We have lots of family out of town that can't make it to games and would love to know how things are going and how the boys are doing, so this seemed like the obvious answer. Starting 6/23/08, I'll be posting pictures and updates of the boys games. Right now they are both playing in All Stars. So get ready b/c we'll have plenty for you to read and keep up with. I hope that you enjoy this as much as we do. Love to all!!!