Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Grandma Wilson

If you would, please say a prayer for Billy's Grandma. She has emphyzema and has had it for years, but she has recently gotten worse. She's in the hospital right now in ICU and really struggling. They have her sedated and have her on a ventilator 100%. Please pray that they will soon be able to begin weaning her off of this machine and she'll be able to return home and enjoy her family again. Billy and Aunt Sue are going to get some plants and put them in Grandma's flower garden so that she'll have something pretty to look at when she gets home. They said it will be a long recovery, but my God can do great things and I'm praying for a miracle. Please pray for Grandma Wilson and her healing. She's a rock in the Wilson family and she means so much to everyone.
On a MUCH lighter note . . . while you're praying, whisper a quick one for Billy. He's applying for a new job in the plant and it will be a day job M-F only. He's worked swing shift for 15 years and the boys have never known what it's like to have a daddy that works regular hours. It would truly be a blessing to our family and to our marriage to have this weight lifted off of Billy. Billy doesn't think that he'll get the job b/c others are applying, but I have faith that God will do the right thing and hopefully let the management and supervisors see that Billy is the most qualified for the position and give him the job. Funny thing is that Billy trained the guy that is retiring from the position. So, who better to have that job, right? Seems obvious to me. Thanks.

Scott's Such a Tough Kid!

On the evening of Scott's birthday he was at baseball practice playing 2nd base. A line drive was hit directly to him and guess what . . . he caught it w/ his face. That's right. It was an aweful sound when it hit him directly between the eyes. We rushed to the ER and they said that it was "significantly broken", but they wouldn't touch it b/c of the way it was broken. They suggested we see a specialist once the swelling was down. Today, Billy and I took him to the specialist and they said that they didn't see a need to set the bone or put a splint on it. The septum in the middle looked to be straight and not deviating to one side or the other (which is great). He felt through the swelling and down to the bone and said that as far as he could tell, the bone was straight. We are to watch for signs of anything looking crooked or not right once the swelling continues to go down and take him back if something looks to be "off". He released Scott to play ball as soon as he feels ready and boy is he ready. He actually went to ball practice on Monday night (shhhhh). He's a trooper and we're proud of the way he has handled himself. He and Clayton both have tournaments scheduled this weekend at different locations. Luckily Billy is off of work this weekend and we'll be able to each take them to their games. I'll get the picture of Scott off of his camera phone if I can and post it. It's a beaut!