Monday, June 23, 2008

Let The Games Begin!!!

Clayton's team (National Coaches Pitch) began their games in the District level tournament. They won the Sub-District level and were the only team that was undefeated. Tonight's game started at 6pm and they played a team called Meadow Lake, not sure where they are from. National won the game 12-6. To be honest, they played a lousy first 2 innings and then they started to Rock-N-Roll. Clayton hit a few singles and then a double. Me and Grammy screamed extremely loud, but we blended right in with all the other crazy people in the stands. Clayton started the night off playing on the Pitcher's Mound, then Second Base and an inning in Center Field. He made some really good plays! This picture is of him stopping a ball at the Pitcher's Mound and throwing it Home for an out.
Scott's team (National Minor League) played in the Minor League Invitational this past weekend and they came in second place overall. That was quite an accomplishment. They actually lost out in the very last game to the Independent Minor League team. It was a nail biter. Scott played Outfield and an awesome Second Base. This league is extremely competetive and we're always proud of Scott. He got a great hit that he crushed all the way to the fence, but unfortunately someone was there waiting to catch it. That's the way it goes in this league. This picture of Scott is on Second Base "making some noise" trying to distract the batter. Scott's All Star games start this coming Friday and we can't wait!!! Til tomorrow!!! The Wilsons are going to bed now.


  1. Mica-
    This is a great idea! We'll all be up to date with what is going on with you guys!

    Please tell Clayton and Scott that we look FWD to reading all about them...and Carly and I love them...even if their parents made them Gamecocks!!!!!
    Love, Carolyn and Carly

  2. I love it! A great way to keep us all informed & Bill will love keeping up with S & C's All Star games as he travels.

    Now you'll have to help me set-up a blog for my jewelry!

    ILY, Momma