Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Quick Post - Late Night

It's gonna be a quick post tonight guys! It's already after Midnight and I'm pooped. Clayton had a game tonight and they played a team that offered the most competition so far. However, Clayton's team pulled off a big win 11-4. Clayton played 2nd Base and played it very well. His hitting was just OK. Daddy and Erlinda ended up coming out for tonight's game. It was a very pleasant surprise! Scott had practice, getting ready for his All Stars to start on Friday night. He has had practice from 6pm until after 9pm everynight for the past week or so. I sure hope this coach isn't burning them out before the games start. Nonetheless, the game was a late game and we're getting to bed late. Scott is off tomorrow night and Clayton's team will have another HUGE game tomorrow night. 'Til tomorrow . . .

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